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Reclaimed Barnwood Ten-Drawer Dresser - $2,645

Dimensions: 89" W x 40" H x 23" D

Crafted from authentic reclaimed barn wood, this ten-drawer dresser brings a touch of rustic elegance to your home. Each piece boasts unique character, showcasing the natural beauty of the wood with its distinct knots, nail holes, and hand hewn markings. Finished with a water-based sealant, this dresser not only enhances the wood's natural grain but also ensures durability and longevity. The high-quality, soft-closing concealed slides ensure smooth and quiet operation of the drawers. Measuring 89 inches wide, 40 inches high, and 23 inches deep, this handcrafted dresser combines timeless design with sustainable craftsmanship, making it a perfect addition to any bedroom. Priced at $2,645, it is a stunning blend of style and function.


Please note that each barn wood piece is unique and may vary in appearance due to the natural characteristics of reclaimed wood, including variations in grain, knots, nail holes, and hand-hewn markings. While every effort is made to maintain consistency in craftsmanship and quality, slight differences in color and texture may occur, adding to the individuality and charm of each item.If you would like custom handles for your dresser, please let us know when placing your order, and we will ensure the handles are not attached. backs of pieces are plain regular wood being they will be placed against the wall

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