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Wood Doctors: A Family Legacy in Furniture Repair, Restoration and Upholstery

The idea of  "WOOD DOCTORS" started in Tucson, Arizona in 1976.  David Erickson Sr. was only 17 years old when he began his journey in furniture restoration and upholstery.  His parents, Alfred and Jeannien,  bought and sold antique furniture and needed someone to make the necessary repairs and reupholstering.  So a small shop was set up and furnished and David Erickson Sr.  never looked back.  Each repair became an opportunity to learn and expand. 

45 years later Wood Doctors is still a family run business.   David Sr.'s sons, John and Joseph, have each taken their father's years of learning and have continued to add to it, creating a vast store of knowledge, experience and craftsmanship.  Not only his sons, but other members of the family often play a supporting role, whether in office work, organization, cleaning and even repair work.  Even now the next generation of our family is learning the skills to take Wood Doctors into the future. 


But as we go forward in this age of "throw away" consumerism so many skill sets are being lost.  Furniture making and the art of repairing and restoration is disappearing.  We believe that future generations need to know that the restoration and preservation of furniture is the ultimate in sustainability.  Choosing furniture that can be repaired, restored and passed on is what the future should be.  We believe choosing to purchase the old and restoring it for future generations to use is the best thing we can do for the environment.

John Erickson Furniture Repair Specialist
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