Church & Pew Restoration

Wood Doctors specializes in church and pew restoration. We can take your wore out pews and woodwork and bring them back to their orginal beauty. 

Full service Repair, refinish and reupholster. 

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Are you interested in this service?  Let us do a sample pew for you free of charge!

Church Pew Restoration

Are You interested in church pew cleaning or restoration?


Are your pews damaged, looking tired and wore out? 

Would you like to revive them back to their original glory? 

We can strip and refinish, repair and rebuild them! 

Want to change the color?  We can do that too!


PEW REFINISHING CAN REVITALIZE YOUR ENTIRE CHURCH.  Wood Doctors is confident you will love our work and we encourage you to let us show you what we can do. 


Want to have an example of our work?  Wood Doctors will take one of your wore out pews and retore it free of charge.  Wether it be stripping, refinishing, repair or reupholstering!

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kitchen cabinet refinishing lacquer or p


We contacted The Wood Doctor to see if they could rebuild our Cabinetry in the front of our Motor Home when the old TV went out. We purchased a new flat screen that was much slimmer and reworked the brackets where the TV hung. We needed someone to incase the cabinetry and make it look like the other ones on each side of the T V. They assured us they could do what we were asking. We picked up our R V today and it was beyond belief. It looked better than when the old T V was there. They built a beautiful cabinet that not only fit the flat screen perfectly but matched the older woodwork to a tea. We could not have asked for anything better. We highly recommend them if you ever need this type of work. Very professional and are skilled in various wood working jobs, also, so helpful on making it happen when your in a timeframe pinch. Thank you so much David Erickson, you will be our first call for any future wood working needs.


 Gene & Judy Eichenberger