Restoration Strings  

Restoration & Repairs

Jeff and his staff handle all of the restoration and repairs with great care and integrity. We treat each instrument and bow with the same attention to detail whether here for general repair or maintenance or a major restoration . Our shop is known for its fine restorative work and tonal setups.

All bow repair and rehair services are done on site and are completed within three to five business days.

Appointments are requested for tonal adjustments and routine checkups on your instrument. Please call (570) 321-8070 or contact us using the form below to schedule an appointment.


We provide all the necessary services for string players including set-ups & adjustments for violin, viola, cello, and bass, bow rehairs & repairs.   We are the choice for teachers, students, and professional players both regionally and nationally.  All of our repair work is guaranteed.   We offer free adjustments and checkups as part of our warranty on instruments and bows we sell. Our instrument repairs are done with accuracy and care using traditional repair methods to achieve the optimum tonal response and structural health for your instrument.    Combining traditions that span centuries and continents.   Many of our instruments share much of that history, and often bare scars of  wear, and un-trained repairmen.   Our goal is to provide strings players with high quality work on their instruments using these traditional repair techniques while preserving them for future generations.